Genuine Natural Turquoise Beads

All of our classic 'blue' Turquoise stones are genuine, with natural colour and are stabilised and a minimum of Grade A in quality. They are not of the cheaper 'reconstituted' or 'dyed' variety, or even the 'fake' stone beads that sadly litter the market today. As with all semi-precious stones - please beware of cheap imitations when seeking the genuine article!

Our African Turquoise is similarly genuine and all natual in colour

For info, Howlite and Magnesite are both porous stones which readily accept colour and, when dyed 'blue', are often used in fashion jewellery to imitate Turquoise. Stone which has been treated in this way is often called 'Turquenite'

We advise all jewellery-makers to beware of 'Turquenite' which is falsely labelled as 'Turquoise' when seeking the real thing

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