Freshwater Pearls of superb quality and excellent lustre

Freshwater Pearl Beads are an area we specialise in at The Beaderie, and our range of over 70 varieties for jewellery-making in our Cambridge shop is testament to this.

As with our policy on semi-precious stones, we will only source our pearls in-person and from our established portfolio of reputable suppliers. This way, you can be assured that our pearls will be described accurately and correctly, and will be blemish-free and with a corresponding high lustre. Unlike the lower-grade pearls often found from less reputable sources within the market, our pearls are most certainly of 'jewellery' quality.

Given our commitment to quality, we believe our freshwater pearls to be the finest of any bead shop in the UK, free of rings and blemishes and representing superb value for money all the way through our range. Starting at just £4.95 per string, we trust you will find excellent quality and value at every level.